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Below Molding, Gas-assist, Plastic Extrusion, & Rotary Molding are Available

Capacity of 150 - 1100 tons,

Applications include:

• The automotive industry
• Footwear
• Garden tools
• Housewares
• The I.T. industry
• Sports gear
• Tableware and kitchenware
• Toys

Familiar Materials

Our group members are able to create application products that make use of the following, commodity and engineering, plastic materials.

Applications include: 

Materials     Application Products
ABS              Electronic cases, toys and sports gear
ASA              Light cases and motor housings
EVA              Footwear and toys
LCP              Sockets and bushing
PA                Gear, bushing and sole
PBT              Electronic components and switches
PC                Electrical outer cases, glasses, helmets, lenses and medical equipment
PET              Automotive, toasters and vacuum
POM             Mechanical components, gear, hockey, hooker
PP                Electrical outer cases, meter cases, fan blades and light cases
PVC             Computer cases, footwear, pipes, toys, cosmetic cases
TPR              Gaskets and liners
TPU              Footwear

We are able to provide the following plastic characteristics. 

     • The highest impact resistance
     • High heat resistance
     • Dimensional stability
     • Virtually unlimited color
     • UV stability
     • FDA compliance
     • Flame retardant
     • Good electrical performance
     • Low mold shrinkage

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