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Rubber can be molded to produce a broad range of parts. They possess a number of useful properties, including: air tightness, sealing components, friction or abrasive components and vibration absorbing components.

Rubber molding and extruding applications include: :

• Automotive components
• Garden and other tools
• Gaskets and seals (Air, water, fuel and oil)
• Hoses
• I.T. industry specific components
• Medical equipment components
• Office equipment components
• Sports gear
• Tableware and kitchenware
• Toys
• Wires and cables

Common materials used in various applications:
Material Characteristics Application products
BR / IR:  Air tightness & high rebind resistance Discharge; packing
BR:  Weather & high rebind resistance Torque rods; bush; mounts
CR: Weather-resistance Wiper blade squeegees
EPDM: Heat & Weather-resistance Sealing; rollers; brake products
H-NBR: High strength & oil-resistance Engine & air pressure products
IIR: High damping & weather-resistance Crutching couplings; mount
NBR: Oil & heat-resistance Home appliances; engine products
NR: High strength & cold-resistance Wiper blade squeegees
SBR: Cold & brake fluid-resistance Brake products; railway products
Silicone: Cold, heat, & weather-resistance Wiper blade squeegees; rollers
TPEE Abrasive, cold, grease, heat-resistance Continuous velocity joint boots
Viton Oil-resistance Sealing; O-rings

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