Intricate components with high specification accuracy.

Struggling to get that new design within specifications?

Taiwan is world renowned for supplying the highest quality components. But how do you know that the factory you are dealing with can produce the specification you require at the quality you require and still meet your component budget? There are a lot of competing factories and competition here is fierce. How do you know you are sourcing from a quality manufacturer that is not taking short cuts at your expense, or getting ripped off because you don't know the local pricing? Let Win-Joy give you that peace of mind, we're local & know the industry well, we've been in it for xx years.
Investment Casting (Lost-Wax)
Investment Casting (Lost-Wax)

You component factory can seem to get the machining right on that detailed component of yours?

Lost wax or investment casting can produce intricately shaped parts with high accuracy. Additionally, metals that are hard to machine or fabricate (like stainless steel) are good candidates for this process. It can be used to make parts that cannot be produced by normal manufacturing techniques,. Good examples include turbine blades that have complex shapes (that new super efficient design for generating electricity from wind); or aeroplane and engine parts that are required to withstand high temperatures.

Hidden costs plaguing you?

Trying to optimise your cost schedules, but your current factory won't give you the cost breakdown you are looking for? Our costing is transparent, we don't hide a thing, you can make effective costing decisions when you deal with us.


  • Aviation industry component manufacturers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Sports equipment manufacturers
  • Toy manufacturers
  • Tableware and kitchen utensil manufacturers

Help me get my project on track and on budget...

Investment Casting (Lost-Wax)
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